BCC Cinemas, Ipswich (QLD)
Fan-Force Screening hosted by Joining Together

Monday March 27, 6:30pm

Adults $21.00

Dendy Newtown, Sydney (NSW)
Opening night Q+A

Tuesday March 28, 6:00pm

Adults $21.00, Concession $17.00

BCC Cinemas, Toowoomba (QLD)
Fan-Force Screening hosted by Jahna Koehler

Wednesday March 29, 6:30pm

Adults $20.00

Cinema Nova, Melbourne (VIC)
Opening night Q+A

Thursday March 30, 6:30pm

Adults $19.50, Concession $15.50

State Cinemas, Hobart (TAS)

Thursday March 30, 6:30pm

Adults $19.50, Concession $17.50

Alice Springs Cinema, Alice Springs (NT)

Thursday March 30, 6:30pm

Adults $18.50, Concession $15.50

Newfarm Six Cinemas, New Farm (QLD)
Opening night Q+A

Friday March 31, 6:30pm

Adults $16.00

Star Court Theatre, Lismore (NSW) + Q&A

Saturday April 1, 4:00pm

Adults $18.00, Concession $15.00

Belgrave Cinemas, Armidale (NSW) + Q&A

Monday April 3, TBC

Adults $15.50, Concession $13.50

Forum 6 Cinemas, Tamworth (NSW) + Q&A

Tuesday April 4, TBC

Adults $16.50, Concession $15.00

Odeon Star Cinema, Semaphore (SA)
Fan-Force Screening hosted by Carrie Fleming

Tuesday April 4, 6:30pm

Adults $15.00

Gladstone Cinemas, Gladstone (QLD)
Fan-Force Screening hosted by Roseberry Community Services

Tuesday April 4, 6:30pm

Adults $20.00

Odeon 5 Cinemas, Orange (NSW) + Q&A

Wednesday April 5, TBC

Adults $19.50, Concession $18.00

Orana Cinemas (WA)

Friday April 14, TBC

Adults $14.00, Concession $14.00

Bowraville Cinemas, Nambucca (NSW)
Fan-Force Screening hosted by NVYSC

Wednesday April 19, 3:30pm

Concession $8.00

Avoca Picture Theatre, Avoca Beach (NSW)
Fan-Force Screening hosted by Yadamayi

Thursday April 20, 7:00pm

Adults $17.00

Cameo Cinema, Belgrave (VIC)
Fan-Force Screening hosted by Bree Downes

Thursday April 27, 7:00pm

Adults $21.00

Cinema Mount Isa, Mount Isa (QLD)
Fan-Force Screening hosted by Naomie Craigie

Saturday May 6, 7:00pm

Adults $18.00

Forum 6 Cinemas, Wagga Wagga (NSW)
Fan-Force Screening hosted by The Hosted Within

Monday May 15, 7:00pm

Adults $18.00

Hoyts Cinema Carousel, Cannington (WA)
Fan-Force Screening hosted by CFAS

Monday May 31, 6:30pm

Adults $22.00

Riverside Cinemas, Parramatta (NSW)

Friday June 2, 10:30am

Students & Teachers $14.00


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We are developing an education action kit to accompany ‘Zach’s Ceremony’, our vision is that today’s students will become stewards of change in emerging generations.  Generations that have a comprehensive understanding of Indigenous history and celebrate the richness of living culture.

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