We want to use ‘Zach’s Ceremony’ to empower emerging generations to change the story to one of positivity and hope.

To create a movement that celebrates the beauty of Aboriginal culture which is alive and thriving.

Through the eyes of a young boy, this film gives an intimate insight into the beauty, complexities and challenges to growing up in Australia with culture.  An insight that is rarely seen outside of Indigenous communities.

We have formed collaborative partnerships with a number of amazing organisations who are working directly with Indigenous young people in the areas of education, mental health, drugs and alcohol and general well-being.

As well as organisations that are working towards an Australia that understands and appreciates the historical context of Indigenous culture, and celebrates the living culture that exists today.

We are working with them to use ‘Zach’s Ceremony’ as a tool to advance the objectives of the great work that they are doing.

Please register your interest to host a screening – link to send email to [email protected].

Education and general discussion guides coming soon.

Start a conversation, let’s change the story together.

With thanks to:

Ian Darling , Malinda Wink, Sally Fryer, Mary Macrae, Louise Caseley, Sarah Butler, Kristy Allen, Ruth Johnstone


The Caledonia Foundation
Crown Resorts Foundation
The Packer Family Foundation
Thyne Reid Foundation
Berry Liberman and Danny Almagor
MLC Community Foundation

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation
Cameron and Ilse O’Reilly
Peter and Sharon Ivany
Margie Bryant
Linda Newton

Philip Cornwell
Dr. Sue Jacobs
Dr. Geraldine Duncan
Ben Hodson
Financed with the assistance of Documentary Australia Foundation


Sandra Ann Blake
Michael & Janet Cannon
A. E. Clark
Kate Connell
Denise and Ralph
Brooke A. Foote
Steven Kelsall
Emma Payne
Next Edge
Josie Thomson

Martin Pearce
Mint Pictures
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Jessie Dean
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Gerald Groom
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Monique and Andrew Logan
Kate Schoeffel
Myrna D, From the Digby Family in Joondalup

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